Online Application process;

You will receive an e-mail with the subject "Your application has been received" to the e-mail address you used in the application. This e-mail indicates that we have received your application correctly. The information and documents you have uploaded to the online system will be checked by our institute. When your application is accepted by us, a second e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you used in the application with the subject "Your Application Status Updated". After receiving this e-mail, you should check your application status from the link you have applied. In case of an incorrect application, necessary corrections (missing documents, unapproved documents, etc.) can be made. If your application has been accepted, you can see the text "Sent for Evaluation" in your status. If the report prepared by the commission established by the relevant Department is appropriate, a "SAMPLE ACCEPTANCE LETTER" will be sent to your registered e-mail address.


You can learn the program fees from 

Without the 11-digit YU (Higher Education Foreign Student Number) number, the program fee cannot be paid. For this reason, candidates who have received a "SAMPLE ACCEPTANCE LETTER" should learn their 11-digit YU number via e-mail in order to make payment. Foreign students who have previously studied in our country should send their 11-digit YU (Higher Education Foreign National Student Number) number to our Institute via e-mail. When you pay the total program fee of the program you have applied for, the "ORIGINAL ACCEPTANCE LETTER" will be sent to your registered e-mail address.


After this process, the student must register in person on the registration dates specified in the academic calendar. During the final registration, the originals of the documents you declared in the online application will be requested.


Candidates who apply to Turkish programs must have a C1 level document showing their knowledge of Turkish in order to register for graduate programs. Candidates who do not have this certificate will attend Turkish Preparatory Courses for one year. You can learn the fees of Turkish Preparatory Courses at

Before enrolling in Turkish Preparatory Courses, you must register at our Institute. Turkish Preparatory Courses are charged separately. Students who are not successful in these courses are dismissed. The graduate education fees paid by the dismissed students are not refundable.